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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  April 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is friday. i'm brian flores. >> morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. we do get a little giddy because we are tired and we want to sleep in. sorry. everyone who is watching us now, they also get up early.
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they understand. >> there are people in the flower industry, bakers. >> they look forward to a little extra sleep. we do have a lot of cloud cover. temperatures will stay mainly in the 60s or low 70s. some rain looks like there's san jose in south looks to have the best opportunity today. tomorrow it will be more like everybody. the further south, the better chance for rain. for the north, or clouds. i doubt much of this is reaching the ground. some darker greens around watsonville and a morgan hill or some higher elevations, they may be getting rainfall. there's not a lot here. we will talk about the south. a lot of this cloud cover is streaming in. to lows. one is opening up giving rain to the desert southwest and southern california. the next one will move in tomorrow. some of this cloud cover will sneak back in from the ballot. will give us a better chance
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for rain. 50s and 60s and -- a lot of 50s. cloudy to mostly cloudy and mild. light rain, focused to the south. some patchy fog. 60s and low 70s. potus will land today, steve at around 130 at around 1:30 pm at the san francisco airport. potus stands for president of the united states. >> that's also a radio station on satellite. a political station. when the potus does land, president obama lands at about one : 30, there is likely to be traffic delays around the airport. plan ahead. don't be surprised. if you are on 101, early afternoon, you may want to reconsider and use 280 instead. you heard it here first.
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it looks like my maps are not firing up your. let's see if we can make that work. good morning, everyone. let's look at westbound 80. as you can see between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze, not a bad commute. it's early and we're hoping for friday light. things are doing very well. we will see what it stays like later on. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza you will see there's not much of a delay except for a couple lanes to the far left as you approach. in the san jose area and south bay, 101, 280 and 85, they are doing well. let's go back to the desk. this morning, san francisco mayor lee is calling for an independent investigation into the latest police shooting in the city. alex savidge is live in the mission district were officers opened fire on a homeless man with a knife. >> reporter: good morning. the police chief said those
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officers had no choice but to open fire yesterday morning. this man charged at them, he says, with a foot-long kitchen knife. the shooting happened where we are this morning in the mission district on shotwell street. according to many neighbors, the man who was killed yesterday was homeless and lived in a tent here on this blog. this situation started when a homeless outreach team was -- called 911 yesterday morning to report that this man was armed with a knife. officers showed up quickly and initially they fired beanbag rounds at the man. they were not effective. investigators say the man came after officers with a knife and that is when they fired at least seven rounds at him. the man died later at the hospital. this was the first to deadly police shooting in san francisco since the controversial killing of mario woods in the bayview pitstick -- district. this case will reignite whether
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officer should be armed with tasers here. we have been working very hard to try to figure out ways to contend with folks with edge to weapons or other weapons. trying to create time and distance and apparently this event unfolded very quickly. and will be looking to find out why it had to go just as it did. >> reporter: at least one witness in this neighborhood told us the man who was shot never acted aggressively toward officers yesterday morning. the man who died has not been officially identified by authorities but to several neighbors, they said his name was luis and they say he spoke very little english. san francisco police and the district attorney's office now investigating this shooting involving officers. the chief also put out this to the public that if anyone has any video evidence or if anyone out there saw what took place
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here yesterday morning, they should reach out to san francisco police. vacaville police are trying to break down a large identity theft case involving nearly 200 counterfeit credit cards. police arrested, jordan knighten, at the vacaville outlets after getting tips from some alert employees. knighten had seven different names on the credit cards that were in his pockets. his backpack and in the car he was renting. detectives say the machines used to make the fake cards were easily purchased online. police suspect he is not acting alone. >> we know he may be the shopper the one who gets the cards, goes out and does the purchases. and someone else might turn around and do refunds with a stuffy purchased. >> knighten also had a $600 in cash and ids that are not his. detectives say it will take hours working with banks to
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figure out who all the victims are and how much was taken from them. scared and afraid. that's how some people are describing their emotions after a spike in home burglaries in the east bay city of dublin. police are getting some help to catch the criminals. nearly 200 people packed a meeting last night to hear police give them a detailed report on the status of crime in their community. for the month of march, burglaries increased by 400% from the same time last year. the city's police chief is calling in reinforcements from the alameda sheriffs department . officers and deputies will also be patrolling in undercover vehicles. >> i feel like everybody is scared. i see a lot of people going around watching. nobody feel safe. >> this is getting crazier by the day. they are on foot, not in cars anymore. they are hiding in the bushes. >> police say they have made five arrest. the suspects -- in one case, the suspects had a gun.
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that these are from out of town and they may be gang affiliated. in san francisco a board of supervisors committee is trying to strengthen the cities already controversial sanctuary city policy. the committee passed an amendment that would prohibit the jail from notifying federal immigration agents when an undocumented increment is to be released from custody. it would also bar the use of city money to help immigration officials take custody of illegal immigrants. the full board is set to consider the measure in two weeks. san francisco's century city policy has been under fire since last year when an undocumented immigrant was released from jail and later arrested for allegedly using a stolen gun to kill kate steinle on pier 14. belgian authorities have released new surveillance video of the suspect known as, the man in the hat. believed to have been involved in the attack at the brussels airport. the man was seen walking in the airport alongside the two suicide bombers. investigators have been able to determine the route he followed
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after leaving the airport using surveillance video captured at a number of locations. he ran from the airport along with other passengers after two bombs went off. he is suspected of leaving behind a suitcase containing a third bomb that did not go off. dalton police are asking for the public's help in identifying and locating the man. a fight broke out during a religious protest in russell. this happened at the american seek location of the california late last night. the protest became heated and spilled out on the street pumping a heavy police presence. dozens of people including children were protesting against a guest at the temple who they say spoke out against a beloved saint. >> the belief which we have held for centuries together, he wants to redefine them and that's the reason why these people came along and said we're not going to take this nonsense. >> members of the sikh temple say there were no arrests but people have not confirmed -- confirmed that. it is not clear if anyone was her. another protest is planned in yuba city tonight.
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a major statement from the pope today says the catholic church will not sit on judgment of those who fail to live up to the church's ideals on marriage and family. the lengthy statement, some 256 pages, does not set new church policy but some analysts say it could allow divorced and remarried people to receive communion on a case-by-case basis. while the document says gays and lesbians should be protected from discrimination, it does not change church doctrine that marriage is between a man and a woman. police have arrested a dental worker accused of molesting an eight-year-old girl in an exam room. the reason investigators think this girl may not be the only victim. thieves stealing tip money from a san francisco nightclub. the video released in an effort to track down the suspects. we are looking at a morning commute that is off to a good start on a friday. we are looking at the bay
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bridge. it looks good into the city. a lot of cloud cover and light rain down towards monterey. will some of that make it north? yes. we will have timing on that. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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welcome back. police and concord arrested a dental technician suspected of molesting an eight-year-old girl. please took, alejandro saro, into custody saturday night. the girl told family members she was sexually assaulted at a clinic on sierra road. according to please, he took the girl into a room, sedated her and molested and videotaped her. they say she is not the only victim. >> his cell phone that was seized had several videos on their. there were key pieces of evidence to suggest there are multiple victims in this case.
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it was not just one victim that came forward. >> police say it sorrow has worked at other offices in the area including patino orthodontics and western dental offices in concord and antioch. a semper cisco nightclub is asking for the public's help in identifying two thieves who stole money and liquor from a back room. the club released this surveillance video. it shows two men walking into a back room at the monarch nightclub on april 4. one man take the wallet out of the workers purse, stealing $500 in tip money. the other man was seen taking a bottle of liquor. the bar is asking for anyone who recognizes these men to contact them. please in stanford university say dozens of laptop computers have been stolen from students. a total of 72 have been reported stolen since september. please see the thefts have gone up in recent weeks. police say it you do not know if it's the work of one person or more or if the thefts are
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connected. they say a man posing as a student or employee may be involved. students reported that he bald man in a brown suit tried to gain access to a dorm or two of the laptops and recently stolen. after a slow start to the home opener, the giant bats really heated up against the dodgers. there was a lot of fanfare before the game. fans welcomed the team back to at&t park. the dodgers took a ford edge-0 lead the giants rallied in the fifth and sixth. they took a lead on a two-run single. in the eighth, giant lit up the basis -- basis. a grand slam. his first home run of the season. giants one, told it-6. tonight, stripling against king. the catch by this van, one- handed, that's a good catch. the white sox opened in the sixth inning with a two run from
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hosea breida. chicago building their lead and one 6-1. the a's are setting -- heading to seattle. tonight. eric sell camp will get the start for the a's. foredeck 47 is the time. let's check in with sal. >> there was a lot going on last night. giants, a's, warriors and sharks. >> outside the bay area there is the masters a going on. >> if you're a sports fan, this is your time. good morning, everyone. let's look at what we have at the bay bridge toll plaza. not a bad commute. you are looking at a decent drive as you go out to the bay bridge toll plaza. no major problems. some of slow traffic and some of the lanes. here is 880. traffic your looks good in both directions. it is very early and traffic is light. in the santa clara valley if
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you're heading to the silicon valley early, you will not have a lot of obstructions along the way. let's bring stephen here. good morning, everybody. cloudy skies. crazy temperatures this week. still on the mild side, temperatures today will be in the 60s and 70s. there is a lot of cloud cover. it is raining toward monterey. some of that will start to play into our weather over the next 24 hours. it will be cloudy today. always tough when it is pretty far out but, 59 with the southwest breeze. some rain to the south. monterey is getting light wind. santa cruz mountain's, san jose, a lot more show then go. this is a hint of things to
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come as moisture streams up from the south and east. a lot of this will stay to the south. north bay will be fine today. another low will drop and that will enhance this tomorrow. today, mostly cloudy. the next five days -- most of the projections are for decent amounts to the south, especially south of san jose. hardly anything to the north. i saw one projection that showed an inch in san jose. i think the father southeast ago the better opportunity for rain. 50s for temperatures. 50 not in palo alto. 56 in martinez. blackhawk 54, 55 in antioch. a lot of cloud cover and a little bit of rain trying to get in the mix. a system opening up in the southwest giving them rain. this low is coming in to replace it. if it goes far enough south, we will be on the northern edge of it. light rain, mainly south.
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tomorrow is a better focus for energy. rain is likely. semper cisco, oakland and south, more. temps continue to cool. patchy fog in the mix. 60s and 70s on the temperatures. they will slide down after the record-setting day on wednesday. we will keep cloud cover and not much rain on friday. more so on saturday. a break on monday and tuesday. looking at the temperatures, from wednesday, temperatures went down. >> yesterday at the giants game -- i watch this stuff. we got the temperature right and was mostly sunny. if you were in the lower seats, it can be hot. around the fourth or fifth inning, the wind picked up in the clouds came in. >> your in san francisco. it depends on if you are in the sun or the shade. >> there should be three forecast for at&t. depending on where you said.
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if you were behind home plate or in the second or third row -- >> or way up high and you get some wind. it was a chaotic scene in texas. >> it felt like 1000 pounds hitting me in my back. it swept me off my feet. >> you see that -- the dramatic escaped of an angry bull that injured six people.
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welcome back. 17 million netflix subscribers will soon start paying more. netflix raised its monthly price from $7.99 to $9.99 in 2014. one third of current subscribers were grandfathered in and continue to pay the original price. starting in may, everyone will pay the higher price. a survey of subscribers found about 80% of subscribers did not know about the price hike. analysts predict that only a small percentage of customers will cancel their subscription. leaders in sacramento are considering removing roses from a historic cemetery. people from around the world come to the rose garden at sacramento's cemetery to see about 300 varieties of roses. including some that did not exist elsewhere.
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the roses have been next to the gravestones for decades but officials say the roses have become detrimental to the gravestones. >> roses can trap moisture next to the stone. then you can get discoloration and organic growth, biologic growth on the stone. that usually tends to degrade the stone. in february, the city posted new guidelines to preserve the historic cemetery. one requires removing rows telesis and vegetation that obscures gravestones. while the city once the roses moved, deponent seat moving or tampering with the roses may kill them causing some of the varieties to be lost forever. the national park service is offering a reward for the return of a sign that belongs to the former hotel at yosemite. the sign was taken from the hotel if you days before the name change last month to the majestic hotel. that was the result of a trademark dispute when a new company took over park concessions. the park service said the
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thieves can return the sign no questions asked for a $1000 reward. an angry bull terrorized a texas neighborhood, running down six people. look at this. video shows the bowl acting aggressively in the town of alvarado. pit bulls owners were on their way to take it to the vet for a checkup when it got loose. i can't imagine. at one point a man at the wrong end of the bulls horns was trampled and ended up in crutches. >> when i first noticed him he did not know if he was going to charge me or not but when he started running towards me, i knew he meant business. >> the animal also ran onto the freeway several times. animal control officers eventually shot and killed the bowl. >> steve looked it up, the average adult bull weighs 2400 pounds. >> that is a big animal.
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coming up, semper cisco police say they had no choice. there is an investigation underway into an officer- involved shooting. it comes on the heels of controversy involving the departments use of force. claims of police brutality. the new video of a heated confrontation between the sheriff's office and a petaluma family. good morning. we are looking at a commute where traffic is doing well in most areas. west town 24 looks good on the way. a lot of cloud cover, some rain tried to come up from a winery and salinas. we will look at that closer coming up.
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>> reporter: another deadly police shooting in san francisco is stirring controversy. officers say they were forced to shoot and kill a homeless man who was holding a knife. we will tell you where the mayor is calling for an investigation. chp motorcycle officer intentionally run over. we have more on his condition and the chase that followed. mornings on 2 continues.
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[ music playing ] >> a lovely way to start a friday morning. a little tony bennett and the lights of the bay bridge. a live picture. sparkling and pretty. sounds like it will be a nice day. we could get some rain over the weekend which is cozy and nice. thank you for joining us on this friday morning. i'm pam cook. good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about whether. -- weather friday, cloudy. but there are some sprinkles and light rain, san jose and south. that will be the main focus today and saturday. the farther north you go, the less opportunity for rain. therwi